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Thermic Fluid Filtration System

Thermic fluid is subjected to high temperatures throughout its operating life. Owing to frequent overheating, it breaks into low boiling and high boiling components. While adequate venting or de-aeration will get rid of Low boiling compounds, high boiling compounds circulate in fluid as carbon sludge. These highly heat resistant carbon solids make the fluid viscous. If they are not removed regularly it could result into high fuel consumption, drop in thermal transfer efficiency and higher pumping cost. Kleenpro Thermic Fluid Filtration Systems offer unmatched filtration performance resulting in better thermal transfer efficiency, increased life of fluid, reduced power consumption due to faster heating and pumping, reduced system maintenance and improved final products. Large sized depth filter elements made of SS and GF process large quantities of hot fluids at upto 400 deg C(750 deg F) and remove particles down to 5 microns. Both On-line and Off-line models are available.


Type Automatic
Material Metal
Certification CE Certified
Application Industrial
Weight 100-1000kg
Driven Type Electric
Motor Power 1-3Hp
Features Durable, Easy Installation, Stable Performance
Temperature 100-150°C