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KleerSEP Emulsion Breaking System

As process chemistries become more complicated, the wastewaters generated also are becoming more complex and more difficult to treat. At the same time, regulations for discharge to sewer and surface water are becoming more stringent. Most wastewaters, such as waste coolant, have suspended solids in them made up of dirt, metal particles, and other contaminants including oils and chemicals. Because oils and metals react at different pH levels, separate systems for their removal are needed calling for many tanks and large floor space. This is where KleerSEP scores.

Technology : Using step-by-step separation process , KleerSEP combines the techniques of straining out of bulk solids, coalescing to remove free floating oils, adsorption of microscopic oil, organic matter and smell by carbon treatment, flocculation of oily sludge out of waste water, dewatering of sludge, oxidizing residual oil and dissolved solids and also bacterial disinfection by ozonation, and polishing of output water by micro fibre filter to obtain clear water.

Advantages :

  • Vertical high-rise system needing minimal floor space.
  • Low Cost of Ownership.
  • No fine adjustments such as pH and constant monitoring of process.


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