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KleenSEP Oil Water Separators

KleenSEP oil-water separator is innovative and yet simple and economical. It is head and shoulders above the other gravity based separators offered by competition and has innovative features that are unmatched.

Technology : Oily water flows by gravity into the system or is pumped by a centrifugal pump using a self leveling floating suction device that pulls in large amounts of floating oil along with water. The oily water travels through the Oil-Water Separator where oil is separated by coalescing media. The oil rises to the top of the separator that can be drained out. Clean water that flows out of the separator will have less than 10PPM of oil and less than 25mg/ltr of TSS. Optional Micro fiber and Activated Carbon filters for polishing of output water also are provided.

Applications : Coolant tank tramp oil removal/Component washing solution cleaning/Compressor condensate water cleaning/Ship bilge water recycling/Rolling mill waste water.


Now, oil separation from water is no more a hassle.