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KleenPRO Oil Filtration System

KleenPRO Oil filtration systems combine the latest filter media technology to offer unmatched oil cleanliness. NAS Class 4 and less than 200ppm moisture can be easily achieved. Large depth filter elements made of Glass fibre, Cellulose and Stainless steel offer high filtration rates with more dirt holding capacity. Rare Earth Magnetic filters of very high power captures microscopic Fe particles out of oils.

Advantages :

  • Large Depth filters offer high flow rates with high dirt holding capacities.
  • Reduced downtime and savings on elements replacements.
  • Heat assisted Micro air bubble diffusion for rapid removal of moisture.
  • Oils of high temperature of about 400 deg C can be perfectly filtered.
  • Competitively priced replacement elements.
  • On-line, Off-line and Mobile filtration systems to suit your applications.

Applications : Hydraulic oils, Lube oils, Turbine oils, Quenching oils and Fuels such as Petrol/Diesel/ATF.