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KleenPRO Coolant Filtration System

KleenPRO Neat Cutting Oil Filtration System 01 KleenPRO Neat Cutting Oil Filtration System 02

Kleenpro is a Mobile sump cleaner cum coolant filtration system.

Technology :

  • It works on the basis of stage wise removal of solid particles of different sizes from cutting oil down to 25microns.
  • It is designed to serve a number of machines.
  • Surprisingly fast filtration and completely clean sumps.
  • Large chip strainer with side discharge for quick disposal of dry chips.
  • Washable SS filter for reuse.
  • Cleanliness down to less than 25microns using RE Magnetic filter.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • No consumables.
  • All these are done without stopping your machine!

Benefits :

  • The dramatic increase in oil life.
  • Substantial savings in oil purchase.


Extract the maximum out of your expensive coolant… Totally clean sumps!