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KleenOGS Kitchen Oil & Grease Separators

Commercial kitchens, restaurants, canteens, milk diaries and food processing industries generate huge amounts of waste water laden with solid wastes, oils, butter and other contaminants. If improperly disposed they pollute the environment,  clog the drainage piping,  upset the biological process in STPs. It has been mandated by PCBs that it is the responsibility of such installations to treat the waste water safely before it enters the sewer. KleenOGS range offers multiple choices to the clients to treat the waste water in the best possible manner. Based on your needs you can choose from Underground/Full disposal/Partial disposal models. We offer properly sized OGS as per the waste water generation. Automation offers solid waste removal, grease evacuation, heating to separate oil&grease from wastewater, and pressure cleaning of internals.


Simple and innovative disposal solutions. It doesnt cost a bomb.