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KleenCOOL Machine Coolant Recycling System

Kleencool is a Mobile sump cleaner cum coolant recycler. You can recycle and reuse the contaminated coolant 2 -3 times and recover 80% of it per recycle. It works on the basis of stage wise removal of tramp oil, solid particles, smell and bacteria from metal working emulsion coolants. Recycling the coolant by Kleencool will remove tramp oil to less than 15 ppm, solid particles and make it free of bacteria and bad smell.

Technology : Powerful vacuum pump pulls out chips/sludge and floating oil along with coolant from all corners of machine sump in no time. A large strainer in vacuum tank holds the chips. The side discharge door lets you to empty the chips quickly. In the Oil-water separator the free tramp oil is removed and drained out. A filtration pump moves the coolant through 100/50 micron filter and 20 micron filter for fine filtration. An Ozone generator diffuses ozone in the coolant for complete bacterial disinfection. Clean coolant is returned to the sump. All these are done without stopping your machine!

Benefits :

  • Contaminated waste coolant is made usable again and again
  • Approx.80% of coolant recoverable
  • Improved surface finish on components
  • Increased tool life
  • Better operator health.                                      
  • Better machine up keep and shop environment.
  • Extremely attractive payback and quick ROI. 

Extract the maximum out of your expensive coolant… Totally clean sumps!